Science Lab Solution

The science laboratory is a complex system project. Whether it is new construction, expansion, or renovation, the laboratory is not as simple as purchasing laboratory furniture.It is also necessary to comprehensively consider the overall planning, reasonable layout and graphic design of the laboratory, as well as water supply, power supply, ventilation, air purification, safety measures,

Science Lab Solution

1. Scientific laboratory design

Infrastructure and basic conditions in various aspects such as environmental protection.Product quality laboratory planning and design mainly cover graphic design system, single structure-function design system, water supply and drainage design system, electric control system, special gas Six aspects including the body distribution system and the harmful gas output system. Selenium-enriched product inspection laboratory, product quality inspection report, product quality supervision and inspection institute,
Product quality inspection standards, product quality inspection agencies

2. Quality management monitoring of testing laboratories
In terms of the quality management system, the laboratory includes two parts: basic resources and a management system. Basic resources are the material basis for the operation of the management system, The testing conditions that the laboratory must have, including professional and technical personnel suitable for the inspection work, test equipment and environmental conditions that meet the inspection requirements The management system assigns responsibilities to various departments and related personnel according to the organizational structure set up in the laboratory and determines the various processes and A complete set of the control system to formulate inspection procedures and inspection basis and to coordinate and effectively carry out the above-mentioned quality processes

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